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Wed, 19 June 2024
Rich traditional culture is still alive in Saga


Saga is full of attractive spots where you can feel the Japanese culture very close, such as the potteries, Shinto shrines, sake breweries, onsen (hot springs), tea district, and castle. Take a pottery class, make a wish at a Shinto shrine, and experience history at Karatsu Castle. Take a break at a sake bar or a tea shop, and indulge yourself in a blissful time at one of our onsen inns.

‘One-Building Rental’ inn, Onyado Fukuchiyo‘One-Building Rental’ inn, Onyado Fukuchiyo
1st floor bedroom1st floor bedroom
Souan Nabeshima offers more than 20 types of sake ‘Nabeshima’Souan Nabeshima offers more than 20 types of sake ‘Nabeshima’
Restaurant, Souan NabeshimaRestaurant, Souan Nabeshima
Auberge amenitiesAuberge amenities

Historical Background

Hizen Hamashuku / Salagura-dori Street
Birth of Onyado Fukuchiyo

Hizen Hamashuku, which prospered as a post town and port town for „Nagasaki Kaidou Tara Oukan” during the Edo period. Among them are „Fukuchiyo Sake Brewery“ and „Onyado Fukuchiyo“, which handle the sake „Nabeshima“. Among them, Salagura-dori Street is a townscape with many white-walled sake breweries and thatched-roof houses, and has high historical value, and has been selected as an important traditional buildings preservation district of the country.

Onyado Fukuchiyo, which faces the Salagura-dori Street, is based on an old merchant house that was built 230 years ago (1780s) and was one of the largest traditional buildings in the area, producing soy sauce and miso. Even in the conservation area, the buildings are aging. Therefore, this old merchant house was restored and remodeled and rebuilt as a „restaurant where you can stay (Auberge)“. The symbolic thatched roof of „Kudo-zukuri“, which is derived from the resemblance to „Kado“, is reproduced by
a professional craftsman. The brick chimney, which is a remnant of the former soy sauce and miso production, is preserved as it was.

We want to protect the beautiful landscape of this town and connect it to the future. When staying at Onyado Fukuchiyo, the auberge itself is the purpose of the trip, but please feel the unique travel experience of this area, here Hizenhamajuku / Salagura-dori Street, where history and tradition are alive.

One And Only Sake Brewery Auberge

Hizen Hamashuku, where the sake „Nabeshima“ was born, is a post town where sake brewing has been active since the Edo period. The townscape, which still retains its appearance, has been selected as an important traditional buildings preservation district of the country as an area of historical value.

„Onyado Fukuchiyo“ has been renovated from the 230-year-old historic building, which is one of the largest in the area, with high quality and comfort. There is also a restaurant called „Souan Nabeshima“ where you can enjoy the fusion of sake and Japanese cuisine with all five senses.

Guests staying at the hotel will be guided by Fukuchiyo Sake Brewery, which is normally closed to the public, by master brewer or brewers. Please enjoy a special time only here at the restaurant „Sake Brewery Auberge“ run by the sake brewery.

Onyado Fukuchiyo
2420-1, Hamamachi, Kashima City, Saga Prefecture 849-1322



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